Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another Great Hampshire County Rifle

It has been awhile since we added anything to this blog, however with the holidays behind us we will try to get some more stuff on here. As I have said many times we are always looking for pictures of antique long rifles made in the great state of West Virginia. To all of you who have provided pictures, history and other help we are greatly appreciative.

The following  pictures came to us in the mail. The owner found our blog and was much interested in this regions gun makers, rifles & history. They just happened to be the fortunate caretaker of a Frederick Sheetz rifle. I was going to add these pictures of the rifle to an earlier blog on Frederick Sheetz, but since we have not posted anything for awhile I thought we would put them on. Not to mention that it really deserves its own billing. I hope you enjoy seeing this rifle as much as we have.

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Click on the following pictures for a larger view and slide show.

For more information on Frederick Sheetz, see our earlier post, click: