Saturday, February 20, 2016


WOW,  was we  delighted to receive these excellent   photographs of this most elegant flintlock long rifle made by Adam Evick.   We are  grateful  that the owner of this wonderful rifle was so generous to share it with us and  thankful  to the photographer who took these fine pictures. 

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Adam Evick signed his barrels in the above manner.

In 1769 Francis and his brother George Evick surveyed 160 acres of land on the bank of the South Branch of the Potomac River.  It is on a portion of this land that the town of Franklin West Virginia was built.  George lived across the river at the mouth of Evick Gap.  

                                                              Elegant Incised Carving

Adam Evick was the son of George and Eve.  He was born in 1782 in Franklin.  Adam married Sophia Engleton in 1801.  John & William sons of  Adam also became gunsmiths.  Adam died in 1855.

Incised Carving on Fore-stock 


Engraved Brass Patchbox

Brass Side Plate
 Double Set Triggers

                                  For more information on the Evick Gunsmiths:
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Please do not copy pictures, as they are the property of the photographer and are shared with us at his pleasure. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016


While this site is dedicated  to antique longrifles from  the state of West Virginia, we strayed a little from our usual.

Since we admire the work of Frederick Sheetz and all of his apprentices, we thought you might enjoy seeing this fine contemporary boys rifle made of that school.

                                                    Click Pictures for larger Image
34 Inch Overall Length
Weighs Just 3 1/2 Pounds
.25 Cal  22 Inch Barrel

Full Size Antique Hampshire County Rifle for Comparison

The Maker of This Contemporary Rifle Took Elements From This Relic Stock  

Little Becky Modified Flintlock 

Pierced Side Plate With Shield Found on Many Hampshire County Rifles 
 Engraved Eagle 

Silver Wire Inlay & Weeping Hearts  Reminiscent  of   Frederick Sheetz & George Young s Work.

10 1/2 " Length of Pull

Coin Silver Hunter's Star

Engraved Sheet Brass Partchbox 

This Rifle Was Made for The Maker's Grandson. 

We Appreciate the Maker Sharing this Special Rifle With Us.